Luck chain letter. Flanders type above a Prosperity letter. Eleven name controlled list.  US, 1939.

The Good Luck of Pandus was sent
to me, and I am sending it to you.
Copy this and send within 24 hrs.
This chain was started by an
American Officer in Phandus
and is going around the world
4 times. The one to break this
chain will have bad luck. Copy
this and see what happens to
you in 4 days, after mailing it
will bring good luck.  Send this
copy and 4 others to  people whom
you wish prosperity.
Do not keep this copy, it must
be mailed within 24 hrs after
received. Mrs Garfield received $500,000
three days after sending it. Mrs. Cruhause
received $400,000 the same day after
sending it. M. W. Hines broke the
chain and lost everything. Here is
a defel pasm for good luck to

 [.................. page break ........................]

all who say this prayer. Good luck
to you and trust in God. May God
bless you in everything you think
and say and do. This brings prosperity
4 days after mailing, do not send
money. Omit the first name on the
list and add yours to the bottom.
Eyelys Allich       Balto, Md
Olivia Bainhill-       Balto, Md
Bertie Ratrue        Balto, Md
Mildred Scott        Balto, Md
Katherine Buckwald- Balto, Md
Margaret Gaspstas- Balto, Md
Mary Gayle           Balto, Md
Henry Sanford      Balto, Md
Mary Klima          Balto, Md
Mae Moxley        Balto, Md.
Leona Snaub        Balto, Md.

Handwritten letter in pencil, all in the same hand, on both sides of an 8 x 5 inch sheet of lined paper. Envelope postmarked March 1, 1939 in Baltimore, MD 7. Addressed to Mr. Albert Friedholfer, 109 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn Park, Maryland. No return address. Lines above as written. Sic: "Pandus" (for Flanders), "Phandus", "defel", "pasm" (cf. "definite proof"), "Eyelys".

This letter would not produce donations (like Hyatt may have) since it explicitly states "do not send money" (the earliest in the archive to do so). It would not get any donations anyway since it is post Send-d-Dime (1935). However note it does have a controlled name & town list. Provided by Zack Germroth. From Ebay lot 170005615270 closing July 14, 2006. Entered by DWV, 7/19/2006.


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