Luck chain letter (postcard).  Ancient prayer derived.  Quota ten.  "Please don't let this prayer die in your house."  US, 1938.
Lord be merciful unto all. Grace be unto all nations.  This prayer was sent all over the world. Copy and send it to 10 people and on the 11th day happiness will be yours. If you fail to do so, unhappiness will be in your home. Please don't let this prayer die in your home.

Published: The Evening Review (East Liverpool, Ohio), Feb. 4, 1938, p. 5. "A card posted from Youngstown, said:" [text]. "Eddy [the recipient] can't figure who sent it. The few people he knows in Youngstown know his address. The card was sent to an address he moved from five years ago. Not being  superstitious, nor in sympathy with chain letters in general, Eddy will save his dime.   Entered by DWV, Aug. 7, 2014.


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