Luck chain letter (post card). Ancient Prayer derived. "Copy it 11 times ..."  "Don't let this letter die in your home."  US, 1938.
Oh, Lord, be merciful on us. Grace be unto all nations.
This prayer was sent to be passed all over the world. When you fail to send it a real misfortune will be in your home. Copy it 11 times and send it to others and on the 11th day happiness will be in your home. Don't let this letter die in your home.

Published: The Daily Mail (Hagerstown, Maryland), Jan. 28, 1938, p. 1. CHAIN LETTER THREATENING. Police Learn Nuisance Has Started Here Again; Appeal Made. "The chain letter nuisance, with somewhat of a threatening aspect, cropped out here again today, police reported on being asked by a recipient to take steps to prevent its spread.  Mrs. Ruth Long, 431 West Church street, reported to Detective William H. Peters this morning that she received a postcard yesterday threatening "real misfortune" in her home unless she made eleven copies of the message and sent them to eleven persons. Compliance with the demand would mean that great happiness would result after eleven days. The message on the unsigned card is as follows:" [text] "Detective Peters advised Mrs. Ruth to destroy the card. He also advised the general public to put a stop to the nuisance at once by destroying any cards received."    Entered by DWV, Aug. 6, 2014.


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