Luck chain letter (postcard?).  Ancient Prayer variant.  "Shine over all the nation!"  "God bless the sender."  US, 1937.
  Oh, Lord, be merciful to all again,
  Shine over all the nation!
  This prayer was sent to be passed over all the world. If you fail to send it on, a misfortune will be in your home. Copy and send to 10 people and on the 11th day, a great happiness will come to your home. Don't let this prayer die in your hands. God bless the sender.

Published: The Anniston Star (Anniston, Alabama), Oct. 13, 1937.  
NEW CHAIN LETTER APPEARS IN CITY  "A new kind of chain letter, one that asks for prayer instead of contributions, made its appearance here today. Some were distributed by hand, others by mail. Following are the contents of the letter:" [text].   Entered by DWV, Aug. 10, 2014.


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