Luck chain letter (postcard). Reduced prosperity type. Ten copies. US, 1937.

We trust god for to supply our needs.
Copy this and send to ten persons
who you wish prosper. This
was started by a mission and
must not be broken. Good luck
will come to you in nine
days if so answered. If  you do
not copy this you will
have bad luck.

Written in pencil on a govt. issue postal card. Card postmarked in Carlton, Georgia on March 8, 1937. No return address. Addressed to Miss Annie B. Cunningham, R.F.D. 2. Lexington, Ga., c/o John Cunningham. Lines preserved. Periods and upper case letters added above. Ebay lot 6593651367 closing 1/09/2006. Lot description states: "It was found in a bunch of books owned by a local black man who is from Oglethorpe County, Georgia." Provided by Mike Carter. Entered by DWV, 1/12/06.


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