Luck chain letter. Prosperity type. "We trust in God who supplies our needs."  Leading list, wishes prosperity, testimonials.   US, 1933.
We trust in God who supplies our needs.

Lewis S. Massie
Mrs. C Brown Cox
Mrs. J. P. Miller
Mrs. C. L. Plunkett

Follow by sending to 5 homes of people to whom you wish prosperity.
This chain was started by an American colonel and must be copied and mailed in 24 hours. This will bring you prosperity in 9 days after mailing.
A Mrs. Ganford  received $3,000; Mrs. Andrews received $1,000; Mrs. House who broke the chain, lost all her possessions.
The theory is to set up a definite and positive thought.
The writer of these words can not be denied.
NOTE: Copy all writing omitting the first name and adding yours at the last.

Published: Pulaski Southwest Times (Pulaski, Virginia), 2 April 1933, p. 4.  Article title: "Trusts in God"  The newspaper reporter may have left out towns associated with the names. Found using (p2).  Definition of type: (1) wishes prosperity, plus most of the following features: (2) "God" in title, also "needs", (3) a controlled list, either leading or trailing, (4) copy quota five (earlier sub-type was nine), (5) testimonials about getting & losing money, (6) has an affirmation of prior claims.  Entered by DWV, Dec. 20, 2013.


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