Luck chain letter (postcard). Prosperity type - q9. "We truly trust in God to supply all our needs."  10 names & towns.  US, 1933.
We truly trust in God to
supply all our needs. He
is an abundance for all,
Who believe in him. This
chain should be copied and
sent to nine homes immediate
ly after reaching you. Expect
some good fortune within
9 days. So long as you be-
lieve confidentially to prosp-
er. Eliminate first name
and add yours at the
Mrs. C.D. Hutchison, Johnsonville, SC
 "    R.F. Joyners, Lake City, S.C.
 "    S.M. Dennis-   "      "      " "
 "    Luta Dennis-    "      "     " "
 "    T.L. Floyd-      "      "     " "
 "    L.L  Poopak-    "     "     " "
 "    H.E. McElveen-  "    "    " "
 "    L.E. Burgess- Kingstree, S.C.
 "    J.W. McFadden- Sardinia, S.C.
 "    Ida M. Baker-, Turbevile, SC
Mrs. Anderson received $2000
with in 9 days. Mrs Barnes
broke the chain lost her poss-
essions. God bless and prosper
your home. Faith and
contentment to all.

Written in black ink on back of US postal card (UX 27). Postmarked in Turbeville, S.C. on April 1, 1933. Addressed to Mrs Doctor Gamble, Turbeville, S.C. No return address. Sic "with in", "confidentially" for "confidently". Purchased on eBay. Entered by DWV on 4/2/2016.


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