Luck chain letter.  Prosperity type. "Lucky Chain"  Drake Estate PS. Nonstandard testimonials.  Quota nine. Controlled list!  US, 1932.
Follow by writing nine copies to correspondents whom you wish to prosper. This chain was started by the American Council and must travel fifteen times around the globe. Follow within twenty-nine hours if possible. Do not break the chain as it will bring you misfortune. It will often bring you luck in nine days after you've written.
Proof: Mrs. Archer Vester won $20,000 nine days after writing. Mrs. Furst won $60,000 in the International Forty. Mrs. Fowler who broke the chain lost all possessions.
Have faith: your happiness is involved. The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.
Follow by writing your name at the bottom of this list as I did eliminating the first as I did in order only nine remain.

[list of nine names]

Please do this and help us win our share of the Drake Estate.

Published: The Humboldt Republican (Humboldt, Iowa), 11 March 1932, p. 5.  Title: "Chain Letters Now Mailed to Promote the Drake Estate." "The good old chain letter. It's working now again on behalf of the far famed and much discussed Drake Estate. Here's one recently sent out:"  Entered by DWV, Jan. 22, 2014.


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The "Drake Estate" was a long term scam promoted by Oscar Hartzell, 1876-1943. It was claimed that the estate of Sir Francis Drake had never been paid to his heirs and was now worth over $100 billion after 300 years. Many distant heirs of Drake were duped into sending Hartzell money to promote a legal case against the British government. Hartzell was convicted in Iowa in 1933 of fraud and died in prison. See the Wikipedia article on Oscar Hartzell for more details.    DWV