Luck chain letter.  The Fortune Chain. Nine copies, 28 names, wait 9 days.   US, 1932.

Good luck and health continue this chain, Make 9 copies and

send to 9 persons of the most intellegent among your friends to

whom you wish happiness.  This chain was started in Flanders by

a general in the American Artillery and must go round the world

3 times.  Forward if possible within 24 hours of acceptance.  Do

not break the chain, it might bring you bad luck.  During the

9 following  days after you send these copies ( count them)

a happy event is going to take place, and fill you with joy.  The

pridictions are always true.  If you take this as a joke and

do not send the  copies correctly, bad luck may befall you.

     Mr. Boens of Victoria won a big price on the 9th  day in

the lottery $100,000.   Mrs Magie of Lisbon lost her only son

3 days old after receiveing the chain, not sending the copies.

Mr. Millers house was destroyed by fire on the 8th day owing

to not taking serious to the chain. Mr.  F
ay and Mrs. Greely won

$25,000. Pola Negri owes her fortune to having carried out

these instructions in the most concientious way.

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                 The Fortune Chain
Ernest Filson to Wilson Starch

Wilson Starch to Dr, A. F. Norton

Dr. A. F. Norton to A. B. Rogers

A. B. Roge s to H F. Linemore

H. F. Linemore to F. F. Starus

F. F. Starus to J. W. Harrington

J. W. Harrington to W, W, Rathsborn

W. M. Rathsborn to Leon Jorger

Leon Jorger to Kathleen Fox

Kathleen Fox to Nelson Jack

Nelson Jack to Elizabeth McWillion

Elizabeth McWillion  to Vera Jones

Vera Jones to Sadie LaRoche

Sadie LaRoche to Evelyn Voga

Evelyn Voga to Nellie McGibbon

Nellie McGiggon to Genevine Bridges

Genevine Bridges to Agnes Parsons

Julia Parsons to Nellie Blackwell

Nellie Blackwell to Hilda Taylor

Hilda Taylor to Olive Caldwell

Olive Caldwell to Hilda Ames

Hilda Ames to Winona Wing
 Winona Wing to Doris Webber
Doris Weber to DeEtte Dodge
DeEtte Dodge to Rosamond Durrell
Rosamond Durrell to Dorothea Thomas
Dorothea Thomas to Fannie Taylor
Fannie Taylor to   Mrs. Vinton Ladd

---------------- on back of envelope -------------

1. Dorothy Patriquin


2.Ethelyn Penley

3.Mary Austin

4.Florence Stone

5.Mary Chase

6.Elizabeth Chandler

7.Helen Wood

8.Arthur Loeld

9.Mina Lit

Typed text and names on separate sheets, unlined 8 1/2 by 11 paper. Keystrokes preserved. Stationery and envelope of A. P. Richards, Box 636, Farmington, Maine (Real Estate and Insurance). Envelope postmarked in Farmington, Maine on Jan. 30, 1932. Addressed to Mrs. Vinton Ladd, Madison, Maine. "Madison" crossed out in pencil and "Anson" written in pencil on right.
Envelope also postmarked in Madison, Maine on Feb. 1. Ten names hand written in in back of envelope, the second crossed out.
Sic intellegent, pridictions, receiveing, concientious, price for prize. Purchased on eBay, 9/22, entered ( on 11/5/2022 by DWV.


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