Luck chain letter.  "The Fortune Card"  43 X to Y names.  " ...started in Flanders by a General ..."  "Mr. Barres"  US, 1931.

Mrs. Alfred Dupont to J. J. Tagnard
J. J. Tagnard to Barone d'Alnay
Barone D'Alnay to E. Bourdet
E. Bourdet to Rene Somasouilh
Rene Somasouilh to Henry H. Cournier
Henry M Cournier to M. Moniet
M. Moniet to Mrs. George Duntze
Mrs. George Duntze to Raoul Beuamaine
Raoul Beaumaine to Jack Jacquemond
Jack Jacquemond to George Havir
George Havir to Mr. Luepachuetz
Mr. Luepachuetz to K Kaltonhueber
K. Kaltonhueber to F. Capurre
F. Capurre to A. Molle
A. Molle to Mr. A. Sandiagliane
A. Sandiagliane to A. Imbrici
A. Imbrici to John Parena
John Parena to Jack Krindler
Jack Krindler to Joseph W. Harriman
Joseph W. Harriman to Marshall Sheppey
Marshall Sheppey to Judge P. Hahn
Judge P. Hahn to Edward Kirby
Edward Kirby to H. P. Caves
H. P. Caves to Frank E. Hook
Frank E. Hook to Harry E. Collin
Harry E. Collin to L. T. Knopak
L. T. Knopak to T. C. Marlar
T. C. Marlar to D. E. Sturm
D. E. Sturm to Harry Drees
Harry Drees to J. D. St. John
J. D. St. John to Bryon G. Shaffer
Bryon G. Shaffer to Dr. Thomas L. Ramsey
Thomas L. Ramsey to Dr. P. B. Brockway
Dr. P. B. Brockway to Merlin Wiley
Merlin Wiley to Howard A. Lewis
Howard A. Lewis to Luigi Parrilli
Luigi Parrilli to John Larsen
John Larsen to D. Grinstead
D. Grinstead to Pauline Lord
Pauline Lord to Helen Ingersoll
Helen Ingersoll to Guido Nadzo
Guido Nadzo to Marian Sommers
Marian Sommers to R. P. K.

GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HEALTH.  Continue this chain, make nine copies and send to nine persons of the most intelligent amongst your friends to whom you wish happiness. This chain was started in Flanders by a General in the American artillery and it must go around the world three times. Forward it if possible within the 24 hours of acceptance.

Do not break the chain it might bring you bad luck. During the nine following days after you have sent the copies a happy event is going to take place and fill you with joy. These predictions are always true. If you take this as a joke and do not send the copies correctly bad luck may befall you.

Mr. Barres of Victoria on the ninth day won the big prize of 250,000 golden lires.
Mr. Wilcox's home ws destroyed on the 8th day owing to not taking seriously notice of this chain.
Mrs. Neix of Lisbon lost her only son three days after receiving this chain without forwarding the copies.
Mr. May and Mr. Sacha Guitry won $250,000.
Pola Negri owes her fortune to having carried out the instructions in the most conscientious way.

Published: Mount Carmel Item (Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania). Sept. 9, 1931, p. 4  
"A friend sent me the following and it appeared in my mail this morning."  [text]
"Now I am compelled to think, what have I ever done to my friend (?) Marian Sommers? ... Maybe if she wants nine days' good luck, she wouldn't mind nine more days' good luck, so I send one of my nine letters right back to her.
The chain is supposed to go three times around the world. ... I don't know anybody further west than Sunbury, Pa. But I'll send one there, just in case it might go further.
Yet I kinda think after I send off these nine letters, that I'll run up to the corner cigar store and take a nickel chance on a punch-board, just to see how it works out.
Anyway, it looks liked an impressive list of names, what with Barons, Doctors and high-soundin' names, so I'll stick mine on, too, and hope the others see see them alongside of mine."    R. F. K.

The newspaper transcription of the list was in two columns, perhaps as on the original. One column has been used above. A misplaced line in the list has been corrected - some transcript inconsistencies on it remain.  Entered by DWV, Nov. 19, 2014.


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