Luck chain letter.  "Cross Crossings Cautiously" at top of a slightly modified Good Luck letter (gl). Celebrity list. US, 1930.
Cross Crossings Cautiously
Please send this chain letter to nine persons to whom you wish luck. The chain was started by a railroad officer and should go around the world three times. Do not break the chain for if you do you will have bad luck. Do it within nine days and you will have good luck.

Senator Heflin    to    Bernard Shaw
Henry Ford  to  ...
Colonel Lindbergh
Carl Eckener
Dorothy Dix
Lady Hay
Aristide Briand

Ramsey MacDonald
David Windsor (Prince of Wales)
John Wyllis
John Barrymore
A. K. Mellon
Mr. Johnson   [local]
C. J. Stephenson   [local]

Published: The Springfield Leader (Springfield, Missouri), 11 January 1930, p.2. Title: "Chain Letter Received Here Is Given Notice". Format of list was apparently "Name to Name" - dropped above for convenience. Entered by DWV, 11-30-2013.


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