Luck chain letter. Flanders type. "The Flanders Chain of Luck." "Do not keep this. From me to you."  US, 1929.
The Flander's Chain of Luck.
  This letter of Good Luck was sent to me so I am sending it to you. Do not break the chain of luck. Send it to five more of or friends. This chain started in Holland and went around the world three times. Do not break the chain or you will have bad luck. After you have sent this letter you will have good luck. It is positively remarkable how this prediction has been fulfilled. So send this letter and four more to friends and see what happens on the fourth day. Good luck. Do not keep this. From me to you.

Published: The Daily Republican (Monongahela, Pennsylvania), Oct. 28, 1929, p. 1.  CHAIN LETTERS REVIVED IN CANONSBURG. Canonsburg, Pa,  Oct. 28 - "Another spasm of chain letter writing has struck this section and many have in the past week been annoyed by the anonymous epistles. Not only that, but some have been made very nervous and the superstitious have felt forced to do as the letter bids for fear of bad luck"   "... if the writer is discovered it will go hard with him or her, for the postal law is very strict on the using of the United States mail for sending chain letters. The following is the letter that is being circulated at the present time:" [text]  "The above letter has been turned over to the postal authorities and every effort will be made by them to run down the originator of the chain, and if proof can be obtained it will go hard for the offender."  
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