Luck chain letter. "Good Luck Chain of Flanders." Send four copies plus original! US, 1929.

            Good Luck Chain Of Flanders

   The Good Luck Chain of Flanders was sent to me by

Someone and I am sending it to you so the chain will not

be broken.

   Copy it in 24 hours and send it to your different

friends you wish to have good luck. This chain

was started by an officer in Flanders and is going  around

the world three times. The one who breakes the chain will

ve bad luck. It is wonderful how this brings  good luck to

people who copy it. Notice what happens in 4 days after it

is copied-- how it brings Good Luck.

   Send this one and 4 others. Do not keep this one or the

Chain will be broken.

                     ------ A Friend.

Original is a typed letter (photocopy in physical archive). Envelope postmarked on June 28, 1929 in Buffalo, New York.  Addressed to Miss Daisy Holman, 232 Plymouth Ave., Buffalo, New York. No return address. Keystrokes preserved. Sic "breakes", "ve". From the James H. Patterson "Unmailable" collection.


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