Luck Chain Letter. Flanders Chain of Good Luck. "This is remarkable ..."  Quota 5, wait 4 days.  US, 1929
The Flanders chain of good luck has been sent to me and I am sending it on to you. Do not break the chain of good luck. Send it to five of your friends who you wish good luck. This started on the Flanders fields and goes around the world three times. Do not stop it or you will have bad luck.
The fourth day after you send it you will have good luck. This is remarkable how this has come true every time. So send it and see what happens on the fourth day. Send this and four others. Do not keep this.

Published: The Huntington Herald (Huntington, Indiana), 17 June 1929, p. 8.  Title: "Chain Letter Again Started in Indiana." Found using Entered by DWV, Nov. 29, 2013.


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