Luck chain letter. Good luck type.  "The Flanders chain and good luck."   US, 1929.
The Flanders chain and good luck.
This letter was sent to my home. Copy it and send it within twenty-four hours to four people whom you wish good luck. This chain was started by an American officer in Flanders and has been around the world eight times. The one who breaks the chain will have no luck.  It is astonishing how prosperity will come. Wait and see what happens in a few days. The fourth day should bring good luck. Do not keep this.

Published: Santa Cruz Evening News (Santa Cruz, California), 2 May 1929, p. 3.  Letter to editor. "Being sent out in the name of the ex-soldiers it is doubly pernicious ..." Sic "and" in title. Entered by DWV, Dec. 2, 2013.


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