Luck chain letter. "The Flanders Chain of Good Luck." Send four copies. No remail statement. US, 1928.

                     March 21, 1928.
The Flanders Chain of Good Luck
was passed to me by A.E. Blandfield
I am sending it to you so please
do not break it. Copy and send
it to (4) persons you wish good
luck within (20) hours. The chain
was started by an American
Army officer in Flanders and
shall go around the world three
times, so do not pause or you
will have bad luck.  The prediction
has been fulfilled since the chain
was started. Please send it soon as
you receive it, and watch and wait
to see what happens on the fourth
           Wish you good Luck.
                    Ann K. Powers
                               Salem, N. Y.

Handwritten letter on 10" x 6 7/8" paper. Envelope postmarked in Salem, New York on March 22, 1928. Addressed to Miss Agnes West, Salem, New York. No return address but letter is signed. Lines preserved above. Ebay lot no. 6587605727 closing 12/14/2005. Entered by DWV, 12/27/05.


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