Luck chain letter.  Good Luck type. "Dear Friend"  "Count nine dogs ..."    US, 1926.
Dear Friend:  Complying with the request of my very good friend John in a letter received this tenth day of February, 1926, in what he calls a good luck letter, I am sending you a copy as he says not to break the chain of good luck.
    In this world of striving to get ahead  how often we fail to take the time to think of the other fellow, yet what is finer than a desire to see others than yourself succeed. It is in this spirit that I transmit this letter to you and ask you not to break the chain.
    Copy this letter and send it on nine persons to whom you wish good luck. the chain was started by an American officer and as it should go around the word three times, do not break the chain for whoever does will have bad luck. Write nine letters within 24 hours. Count nine dogs and you will have some good luck. With happiness and success to you and your is my good luck wish. -Bert.

Published: The Evening Herald (Klamath Falls, Oregon), Feb. 24, 1926. Page 6.

The reporter accepted the above miscopy "dogs" (for "days") as follows.
"One evidence of the persistence of this silly weed is found in a chain letter now cumbering the mails of this city and of this land. A copy follows:"
     [above text]
 "A list of the people who think it worth their while to copy and transmit nine of these letters, and subsequently count nine dogs, would be valuable in  making up the Fools' Doomsday Book."
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