Luck chain letter.  Good Luck internalized - with linkage, affirmation and closing. List of 214 names!  US, 1925.
This letter was sent to me for good luck and I  am sending it on so as not to break the chain of good luck. I am sending it to you among others and ask you, as I have been asked, not to break the chain. Copy this and send to nine persons to whom you wish good luck. The chain was started by an American army officer and should go around the world three times.
Do not break the chain, for whoever does will have bad luck. Write nine letters and send them within twenty-four hours. Count nine days and you will have some good luck. It is positively remarkable how many times this prediction has been fulfilled since the chain was started. With success to you and yours let us go smiling and happy through life.

["Then follows the list of names representing alleged army and navy officers, the spelling of the names indicating that all countries are represented. In addition, men with other than military titles and those apparently in private walks of life are mentioned"]

Published: The Daily Republican (Monongahela, Pennsylvania), 4 Dec. 1925, p. 3.  Title: "Chain Letter is Broken"  "... it mentioned the names of 214 persons, largely foreign, of the jaw breaker variety and he didn't feel that he had time to take a week off to make the copies." In the newspaper transcription the phrase "among others" was misplaced.  Entered by DWV, Jan. 3, 2014.


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