Luck chain letter. Encased Good Luck type. Linkage-gl-Affirmation-closing. "Let us go smiling and happy through 1925."  US, 1925.
This good luck chain letter has been sent to me and I am asking you, as I have been asked, not to break the chain. Copy this and send it to nine persons  whom you wish good luck. The chain was started by an American officer and should go around the world three times. Do not break the chain, for whoever does this will have bad luck. Write nine letters and send them within 24 hours. Count nine days and have some good luck.
It is positively remarkable how many times this prediction has been fulfilled since this chain was started.
Much success to you and yours. Let us go smiling and happy through 1925.

["signed by 115 or 116"]

Published: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York), Nov. 25, 1925, p. 15.  Column by Helen Worth.
"Twenty five years ago I received a letter similar to this, only it was said to have been started by a christened Monk! Time and again this foolish thing has been derided in the public press. Pay no attention to it whatsoever."  Helen Worth.
No names were given from the list.
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