Luck chain letter. Late Ancient Prayer. Ten copies. US, 1924.

                         Rec. Mar. 11.1924
  Oh! lord be merciful to us let thy
loving face smile upon us, let
blessings be among nations. This
paper was sent to me and it is to
go around the world. It was sent
in Jesus time any who fails to send
it will meet with some great
misfortune copy and send to ten
friends in ten days and see
what will happen great joy will
come to you on the eleventh day
plase don't break the chain and
send no name only date received.

Handwritten in pencil on one side of a 4 7/8 by 7 7/8 inch piece of paper.  No envelope. Sic "it was sent", "plase". Purchased on eBay. Close to le1924-02-07p2_ap_q10w11. Entered 5/14/2008 by DWV.


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