Luck chain letter. Good Luck type - long preamble. List with 90 names (not given).  "Lets go smiling through 1924."   China, 1924.
Some smart fellow has started this plan and I suppose that all of the rest of us smart fellows will have to keep it up. I am so superstitious that I am afraid if I do not go along I might lose an eye or an ear or something.

[list with 90 names]

The chain was started by an American officer and should go round the world three times. Do not break the chain, for, whoever does will have bad luck. Do it within 24 hours and you will have some great luck.
With success for you. Let's go smiling through 1924.

Published: North China Herald, Shanghai, Jan. 19, 1924, p. 6. "It seems a pity that the American officer had nothing better to do than to start this ..." Entered by DWV, Jan. 3, 2014.


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