Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer type. "Send it to seven married people..."  Flanders at end. Australia, 1923.

         The endless prayer
God bless our Sailors & Soldiers keep
them in the palm of thine hand.
This was received by me on 12/5/23.
It has been all over the world send it
on to seven married people and
on the seventh day you will receive
        some great joy.

Copy this and see what happens.
It is said that all those who write it
will meet some great joy, and luck
and that those who pass it by
misfortune. Starts on the day of receipt
and write for seven days.

Please do not break the chain.
It was started on the Battlefield
          of Flanders.

Original letter found in the possessions of the Lodge family of Little River, Victoria, Australia. No envelope. Image of letter sent by email to DWV by Jacinta Lodge on 9 March, 2007. Lines preserved; some punctuation added for clarity. Entered by DWV on 3/9/2007.


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