Luck chain letter.  "Good luck."  "Let's all go smiling through 1922."  US, 1922.
Good Luck.
Copy this and send to nine people whom you wish good luck. The chain was started by an American officer and should go around the world three times. Do not break the chain, for whoever does will have bad luck.
  Do it within 24 hours and count nine days and you will have some great fortune.
  Let's all go smiling through 1922.

Published: Sheboygan Press Telegram (Sheboygan, Wisconsin), June 17, p. 6.  LETTER CHAIN WITH GOOD LUCK INTENT IS BROKEN HERE.  "A unique "chain letter" inasmuch as it requests no one to send money, reached the city on Tuesday from an Illinois city, but inasmuch as it was sent to a businessman who is too busy to write nine letters, the chain was broken in Sheboygan. The letter read as follows:" [text]   Entered by DWV, July 28, 2014.


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