Luck chain letter. Good Luck type with 30 names. First of Gambill & Suttle. US, 1922

                          Birmingham,Ala. June 8, 1922

Claude Sanders            to           Phil Gleischman
Phil Gleischman           to           M. H. Starr
M. H. Starr               to           J. V. Allen
J. V. Allen               to           Geo. Rencher
George Rencher            to           P. J. Schlossman
P. J. Schlossman          to           Henry Maukenscht
Henry Maukenscht          to           Alex Mayares
Alex Mayares              to           Frank Norse
Frank Norse                to          J. A. Wheeler
J. A. Wheeler             to           E. H. Sell
E. H. Sell                to           John M. Cooper
John M. Cooper            to           Chas. L. Mitchell
Chas. L. Mitchell         to           D. W. Collins
D. W. Collins             to           John Dornett, Jr.
John Dornett, Jr.         to           J. Henry Smith
J. Henry Smith            to           L. P. Joseph
L. P. Joseph              to           Geo. R. Wilson
Geo. R. Wilson            to           Geo. P. Wagner
Geo. P. Wagner            to           A. E. Key
A. E. Key                 to           Hector L. Lane
Hector L. Lane            to           C. M. Sherrod
C. M. Sherrod             to           Wm. Feagin
Wm. Feagin                to           Bill Black
Bill Black                to          R. F. Hudson
R. F. Hudson              to           Geo. Dement
Geo. Dement               to           Amos Wilson
Amos Wilson               to           Frank P. Folmar
Frank Folmar              to           Walter S. Coleman
Walter S. Coleman         to           A. A. Gambill
A. A. Gambill             to           J. F. Suttle

Copy this out and xxxxxx send to nine (9) people whom you wish good
luck.  The chain was started by an American Officer and should go
three times around the world.

             DO NOT BREAK THE CHAIN, for whoever does will have BAD
LUCK. Do it within twenty-four hours and count nine days and you will
have some great good fortune.

                      "Let all go smiling through 1922."

Typewritten in blue ink (or mimeographed) on standard sized white paper. No mailing envelope was collected. Keystrokes preserved. The last name (Suttle) is in black type, indicating this was filled in on blue copies. See next letter by Suttle. gs = Gamble & Suttle, hoard designation. "Smilin' Through" was a film starring Norma Talmadge released on Feb. 13, 1922. It was a box office hit. Letter provided by Paul Brittain of Cherryville, NC. to D. VanArsdale.


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