Luck chain letter. Good Luck.  List of 20 names (not given). "...count nine days and you will have some great good fortune."  US, 1922.
Copy this and send it to nine friends whom you wish good luck. The chain started by an American officer should go three times around the world. Do not break the chain for whoever does will have bad luck.  Do it within 24 hours and count nine days and you will have some great good fortune.

Published: Modesto Evening News (Modesto, California), June 5, 1922.  PESTIFEROUS  CHAIN LETTERS.  They Are Asinine Affairs that Should Not Be Tolerated by Men and Women Who Like Good Mail Service. "The chain letter that is now going the rounds in Modesto starts off with a list of twenty or more names of people who have already passed it on to nine of their friends." "Following the names is this asinine request:" [above text]  "The proper punishment for the perpetrator would be to force him to pilot a black cat thirteen times around the block while he chewed a rabbit's foot and broke mirrors at every third step. Spitting right in the face of hard luck in such a fashion without being hurt should break him of the idea that it is bad luck to break a link in a chain letter."
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