Luck chain letter. AP var. "Cordle chain song" q7  US, 1920
                  Cordle chain song
God help our sailors and
Soldiers and Keep them in
the bottom of thy heart Amen!

I received this Aug7/1920. It has
been all over the world.
Copy t and see what happens.
It is said that those who
write shall be taken care
of and those who pass it
by will meet some misfortune
Send it to seven different
people and on the seventh day
you will receive some great
Joy.  Start it on the day
you get this. Write every day
for seven days.

   It was started in Flanders
field. Please do not break
this chain ^song. Copy this and sign
your name.

            Ellen Busche
         Don't break this
            Ellen B.

      Florence Fahlbusch  
[here after upside down, paper folded]
       Plato Ills
      R.F.D.2   Box K

Hand written letter in ink (?). No envelope. Copied from auction photograph - outbid item. Lines preserved.
Entered by DWV 1/22/2023.


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