Luck chain letter. "Woman in Black" - outlier.  Partial text. "Blessed by Mary. Blessed be Jesus"  Quota six.  US, 1919.
[The letter states that a woman in black appeared at one of the camps and gave out the information that all the people of the world should say:]
Blessed be Mary. Blessed be Jesus.
[every day and if said a miracle would be performed in their behalf.  In case of disbelief or the refusal to send out 6 letters to others telling this, a serious accident would occur within three days it was predicted.]

Published: The Daily Republican. (Monongahela, Pennsylvania), April 1919, p. 1. ANOTHER CHAIN LETTER HERE  "A chain letter is going the rounds again in the valley. Many people hve received them. [text] "It is generally believed that very few people take any notice of these letters although form the number received it is believed there are still some very superstitious persons in the world.   Entered by DWV, Aug. 7, 2014.


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