Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient prayer. "Be of good cheer at all times." US, 1917.

Be of good cheer at all times.
An ancient prayer; Oh, Lord
ever pray Thee to bless us &
keep us from all evil
& bring us to dwell with
thee at last. |
  This prayer
was sent to me. Copy it
within 9 days & send it to
9 friends. do not sign name.
Date when you receive this
card. a great joy will come on
the 10th day. if you do not,
a sorrow awaits you.
                Sept. 1917

Picture postcard (8553. Balanced Rock and Steamboat Rock.) Handwritten script in pencil on left side of divided back. Not mailed. The name "Mrs. J. Godfry" (only) appears on the address side. Lines preserved. Another chain postcard was prepared by the same person - see le1917_ap_good-cheer_2. Entered by DWV on 11/27/2010.


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