Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer postcard. "... give us peace in our Time ..." Copy quota seven. WWI  England, 1916.

Endless Chain of Prayer
O Lord we ask Thee to bless
our Soldiers & Sailors & keep
them in the hollow of thine
hand & bring them to Rest
with Thee for Thou art our
refuge & helper in Time of
trouble & we would ask
Thee to give us peace in our
Time send thine help
from above Amen
This is to be sent all over the
world. Send it & see what will
happen. It is said in olden
times that he who wrote it
would be free from all misfortune
send it to 7 persons & on the 7th
day you will receive great joy
Don't send more than one a day.
Commence when you receive
this Please do not break the

Postcard (I have photocopy) mailed from East Dulwich S.E. to Miss Fell, 8 Golyton Road, Forest Ibell Road, S.E. Postmarked 15 July 1916. British 1/2 penny stamp. Hand script fills back of postcard. Lines preserved. Collected by Paul Smith. This is likely the same postcard referred to in FLS News, No. 32, Nov. 2000, page 5.


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