Luck Chain Letter. Ancient Prayer. Explanatory first paragraph. "Dear Friend:"  US, 1916.
Deer Friend:  --I have received the following letter from a friend of mine requesting me to send it to nine different persons in nine days. Complying with that request I am sending it to you, trusting that you may receive its promise.

Ancient Prayer. Oh Lord, I implore thee, to bless all mankind bring  us to thee, help us to dwell in thee. It is said by the ancients that all who write this would be free from calamity, that all who would pass it up would meet with misfortune.  

Copy and send to nine different friends in nine days and on the tenth day you will receive some great joy.

Your friend.

Published: The Checotah Times (Checotah, Oklahoma), 16 June 1916, p. 1. Title: "Anonymous 'Ancient Payer' Letters Are Being Mailed to Checotah People"  "A number of Checotah people have this week received anonymous letters through the postoffice containing what is called the 'ancient prayer' ..."  Entered by DWV, Dec. 4, 2013.


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