Luck Chain Letter.  Ancient Prayer type with introductory letter. "Bring us to Thee." "...calamity or misfortune."  US, 1915.
Dear Mrs. J___: I have just received the following 'ancient prayer,' with a request that I send it to NINE friends in nine days:
Oh, Lord, I implore Thee to bless all mankind. Bring us to Thee. Keep us to dwell with Thee.
This prayer is to be sent all over the world. It was said in ancient days that all who wrote it would be free form calamity and all who passed it would meet with some calamity or misfortune.
Copy it and send it to nine of your friends and on the ninth day you will meet with some great joy. Don't break the chain.

Published: The Brooklyn Daily Eagle (Brooklyn, New York), Dec. 14, 1915. p. 19.
" ... A Brooklyn lady sends me a copy of one of these 'chain prayers' she has just received. In text, it is identical with several that have been addressed to me from unknown sources, exalting the same poverty of thought, reverence and diction. ... Here is the letter:"  [text]    Entered by DWV, Sept. 24, 2014.


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