Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer.  "This prayer was sent to me and is being sent all around."  "... on the tenth day..."  US, 1915.
                                March 15, 1915.
An ancient prayer.
Oh, Lord Jesus, we pray thee keep us from harm and bring us to dwell with thee.  Amen.
   This prayer was sent to me and is being sent all around. Copy it and keep it and see what will happen. It was said in Jesus' time all who wrote it would be blessed and all who passed it by would meet with great misfortune.  Copy it and send to nine friends within nine days and on the tenth day you will meet with some great joy. Send no name; do not break the chain.

Published: The Record-Argus (Greenville, Pennsylvania), March 15, 1915, p. 4. PRAYER CHAIN DRIVEL "IN OUR MIDST"  "Do you receive prayer chain letters? A prayer chain letter is usually a threat. When you receive one hand it over to the postal authorities."  "If you recognize the handwriting, or think you do, give a live postoffice detective the information and 'see what will happen.' Here is one that is circulating around Greenville now. It is one of the mild variety but silly enough:" [text].   Entered by DWV, July 24, 2014.


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