Luck chain letter (post card). Ancient Prayer. "to rest with thee"  England, 1914.
                        Dec. 8, Ch 1914
Oh Lord Jesus I implore thee to
bless all mankind and bring
them to rest with thee.
            Please do not break
                   the chain.
This was sent to me it is
to be sent all over the
world copy it and see what
happens. It was in ancient
times and those who read it
was free from calamity and
who passed it over had a
misfortune  send it to nine persons
one on each day and on the 9th
day you will meet with some
great joy. give nothing but
the date when you received

Post card from England on eBay, 9/17/2019. Copied from auction photos. Addressed to Miss R Wright, Field Gate Lane, Oakely Green, CRI Bishops Stort Ford, Hert (?), Lo (?) Local (in 5 or 6 lines). No return address. Sic "was free". 1/2 penny stamp. Entered Oct. 6, 2019 by DWV.


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