Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer. Nine copies in nine days. US, 1914.

Ever Ancient Prayer
O Lord Jesus I pray
thee to be blessed and
to keep us from evil
and bring us to do
well by Thou. Amen.
   This prayer was
sent to me and is
being sent around
the world. Copy it
and see what happens.
  If you copy it and
send it to nine friends
in nine days some
great joy will occur
to you. If not you will
meet with some mis-
fortune. Write no name
but just the day you
receive it.
             June 1, 1914.

Handwritten in pencil on a government issue postal card (UX24). Postmarked in Montezuma, Iowa on June 9, 1914. Addressed to Miss Hazel Watson, Searsboro, Iowa. No return address. Text is difficult to read because of fading and damage to the card at the bottom. Lines as written. Sic "Thou". Another CL was sent to Hazel in 1912. One half of ebay lot 290008541223 closing on July 23, 2006. Entered by DWV on 7/31/2006.


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