Luck chain letter. Ancient prayer postcard. "see what happens." US, 1914.

   Ancient Prayer
        =           =

"Oh Lord Jesus I pray Thee
bless us and keep us from
all evil and bring us to
dwell with thee. Amen.
This prayer is being sent
around the world so it was
sent to me. Copy it and
see what happens. It was
said in Jesus' time all
who write this prayer would
be delivered from all evil,
but all those who pass it
by would meet with misfortune.
Copy it and send out to nine
friends in nine days.
On the tenth day you will
recieve great joy. Send no
name. do not alter any
  word in Spelling.

Written in pencil on undivided back of a postal card. Postmarked May 28, 1914 in Alexandria, Indiana. Addressed to "Mrs. Flossie Echeffer (?), Marion, Ind., RR 6 box    home Ave." No return address. Sic "recieve". Entered 6/22/2010 by DWV.


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