Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer. Nine copies. England, 1913.

               Ancient Prayer.
Lord Jesus I implore thee to have
mercy on all men.
Keep us from all evil & bring
us to dwell with thee eternally.

This prayer was sent to me, so I
pass it on to you. It is being
sent all over the world. Copy it out
& see what will happen. It is
said in our Lord's time that
those who pass it on will recieve

some great joy, those who do not
some great calamity. So pass it on
within 9 days to 9 friends & within
2 days you will recieve some
joy.  Dont break the Chain

      Sign no name

Postal card, undivided. Postmarked in Selby, (England) on April 13, 1913. Addressed to Master G. Falking Laur, Wistow Lordship, Selby, Yorks, England. Text written vertically on back in black ink. Ebay lot 3682583778, closed 6/17/04. Provided by Gina Taylor. Entered 6/19/04 by DWV.


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