Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer postcard.  Deadline 10 days. Quota 9 copies. Wait 9 days.  England, 1912.
An Ancient Prayer
Oh Lord Jesus.  I implore Thee to bless all Mankind
and keep us from all evil.  This Prayer to be sent all over
the world.  Copy it and see what will happen  it was said
that in Jesus Time those who wrote this Prayer would be
delivered from Calamity , But those who pass it by would
meet some great Misfortune,  Those who copy this Prayer
within ten days and send it to nine Friends will on
the ninth day receive some great joy.  Dont break
chain, sign no name only date required.

                            August 31st 1912

Transcribed from eBay auction photographs. Handwritten on a government issue postcard. Addressed to: Mrs. Edw. Smith / Bement Building / Hamsterley Colliery / Cty Durham. No return address. Stamp removed from postcard. Postmarks indistinct. Irregular punctuation. Lines preserved. Auction during 1/2019. Entered by DWV 2/19/2019.


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