Luck chain letter (postcard). Ancient Prayer type. England, 1910.

         "An Ancient Prayer."

"Our Lord Jesus I implore you to bless all mankind
         Keep us from all evil by thy Precious
         blood & take us to dwell with thee in
   This prayer was sent to me & I send it on to you
it is an exact copy of an ancient prayer. It said
they who copy this for 9 days & send on to a
friend each day will on the 9th day experience
a great joy & to be delivered from a great calamity.
Make a wish when writing it & do not break
chain. Begin on the day it is received.
       This must not be signed.   A.C.

Picture postcard (Montagu from Cogman's Kloof, South Africa). Postmarked in Erith, Kent on June 29, 1910. Addressed to Miss Edwards, 116 Windmill Street, Gillingham, Chatham. Handwritten in black ink. Lines preserved. Ebay lot 6250765323 closing on 2/12/2006. Entered by DWV, 2/22/2006.


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