Luck chain letter.  Ancient prayer type.  "The endless chain of prayer"  "Trusting that the blessings of God may rest upon those ..."  US, 1908.
The endless chain of prayer.
  Oh, Lord have mercy upon all mankind. Keep us from all sin and take us to be with Thee eternally.

   This prayer was sent to Bishop Lawrence who recommended it be sent to nine persons. He who will write it nine days commencing on the day received, and distributing to nine different person, sending only on each day will on the ninth day experience some great joy. At Jerusalem during the "Great Feast" it was said, "He who will write this prayer will be delivered from all calamity."
  Trusting that the blessings of God may rest upon those to whom it was sent and upon you.  

Published: The Iola Register (Iola, Kansas), March 16, 1908, p. 1.  LEVAN IS PUZZLED. He Gets "Endless Chain of Prayer" Letter. Manager of Grand Had New Proposition Presented to Him Yesterday.  "When Harry LeVan, manager of the Grand theatre, read his mail yesterday, a smile of amusement adorned his face ..."  "The letter which the manager of the Grand held in his hand was written on stationery from the Norwood hotel at Shawnee, Oklahoma, but was unsigned. Its was an 'endless chain of prayer' letter and requested Mr. LeVan to become a link in the chain."  "This was the first time the endless chain matter had been proposed to him."  "Something over a year ago a well known citizen stepped out of his house one morning to find that during the night someone had placed the strange letter on his porch."   Entered by DWV, 27 July, 2014.


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