Luck chain letter (post card). Ancient Prayer type. Make a wish. US, 1907?

 An Ancient Prayer

O! Lord Jesus
I explore the
to Help all man-
kind  keep us from
evil. Guide us and
go with us to eternity
is our Prayer
 This was sent to me to
copy. It is said that those
who don't copy this will be
unfortunate and those
who do will be lucky so
copy 9 days send to a friend
and make a wish while writing.

[Remaining text written on left margin and top of card]

Send one a day till you send to
9 friends then you will rejoice some day

Written in pencil on back of a divided back picture post card (Auld Lang Syne lyrics and illustration). Card addressed to Miss. Flora Shockly, Greenwood, Ark. No return address. Stamp (Scott #300) hand canceled by about ten horizontal pen strokes. Last two lines written in left margin and on top left of card. These lines are longer than those written in the main block. Provider reasons that card was received in 1907 since recipient received a similarly canceled card dated Sept. 12, 1907. Says Greenwood post office received a date stamp in Oct. 1907. Text is highly corrupted. I have edited slightly by changing a few letters to upper case. Lines preserved. Supplied by Sherry Huff. Entered by DWV on 7/29/05.


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