Luck chain letter.  Ancient Prayer type.  "At Jerusalem at the Holy Feast it was said:"  US, 1907.
Oh, Lord, Jesus Christ, we implore thee, oh, Eternal God, to have mercy on all mankind and keep us from all sin by thy precious blood and take us to be with thee eternally. Amen.
  This prayer was sent out by Bishop Lawrence requesting that it be sent to nine persons. He who will not write these prayers will be afflicted by some misfortune but he who will write them will experience great joy.  Send one on the day this is received and one on each of the nine following days.
  At Jerusalem at the Holy Feast it was said: He who will write these prayers will be relieved from all calamity.
  Let not this chain be broken. - A Friend.

Published: The Coffeyville Daily Journal (Coffeyville, Kansas), July 29, 1907, p. 3. ENDLESS PRAYER AGAIN. Nine Persons Must Be Notified After the Prayer Is Received. "The Journal has received the following endless chain prayer and note:" [text]   Entered by DWV, July 26, 2014.


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