Luck chain letter. Ancient Prayer - doubled.  Four prayers. Found using  US, 1906.
Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, we beseech thee Oh Lord God, Holy Eternal have mercy on me and all the sinners forever and ever. Amen.
Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, we beseech thee Lord Eternal have mercy on us and save us from sin by thy Precious Blood, now and forever.  Amen.
He who recites this prayer and writes it for nine days, once a day, giving a copy each day to some person who will do the same, will receive a great joy at the end of nine days. This prayer was sent by the bishop of Rome and a copy was given to a woman who paid no attention to it, and in punishment therefore, her son was assassinated on the third day.
Whosoever receives this must recite it giving a copy to nine persons for nine days.
O, Lord Jesus Christ, we implore thee, O, Eternal God, have mercy on us and all mankind. Purify us by thy precious blood and take us to be with thee eternally.  Amen.
Oh, eternal Holiness, have mercy on all mine. Pardon our offenses and take us to be with thee eternally.  Amen
He who recites this prayer for nine days and sends it to nine other persons commencing on the day receiving and sending one each day will have a great joy after nine days.

Published: Freeport Journal-Standard (Freeport, Illinois), 14 Feb. 1906, p. 5. Title: "Catholics Here Get Prayer Chain". "...many Freeport Catholics have received the strange missives." "In Chicago the letters have been so numerously received that the clergy have taken alarm. At Holy Name cathedral and many other churches the priests denounced the prayer chain as blasphemous..."  Entered by DWV, Dec. 1, 2013.


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