Luck chain letter. "Ancient Prayer" type.  "Purify us from all sins by your precious blood ..."  "At Jerusalem, at holy mass ..."  US, 2014.
Oh Lord, Jesus Christ! We implore you, Eternal God! have mercy on us and all mankind. Purify us from all sins by your precious blood and take us to be with you eternally, amen. Oh! Eternal Holiness! have mercy on all men; pardon us from all trials through your precious blood. Amen.  

He who will write this prayer for nine days and distribute it to nine persons, commencing on the day received, sending only one each day, will have great joy after nine days. At Jerusalem, at holy mass, a voice was heard to say: He who says this prayer will be delivered from all calamity. This prayer has been sent from the Bishop of Cornens recommending it to be sent to nine persons; he who will not say this prayer, will be afflicted with a great misfortune. One person, who paid no attention to it after receiving it, met with a great accident.
Published: The Biloxi Daily Herald, February 12, 1906.
Endless Chain Prayer Has Been Circulated Here.
Catholic Circles Perturbed Without Cause.
Father Alphonse Denounces Affair from Pulpit.
Scheme Thought by Some to be Work of Black Hand.

"Catholic circles of the city are wrought up to a high pitch by the wide circulation of a mysterious anonymous letter bearing a prayer, which it is claimed is being circulated in an endless chain all over the United States. Dispatches from New York say that a similar document is being circulated there, and that high authorities in the church are making an effort to locate the author. Father Alphonse, of the Church the Nativity, was seen by a Herald man this morning and furnished the following copy of the prayer that has been circulated in Biloxi:"  [text]
"... To The Herald man he said: 'The whole spirit of the affair is anti-Catholic, and although it claims to be authorized by a bishop, yet intelligent Catholics should know that it is untrue. It is unheard of, and it is preposterous to believe that such a thing would be proposed by the church.'' 
" ...Two sets of these prayers have been spread broadcast throughout the United States, one in Italian, the other in English. The one in Italian bears the advertisement of an Italian patent medicine company, to which the composition thereof is believed to be due. The prayer concludes with dire threats to him who refuses to abide by it, adding, 'A copy thereof was given to a woman who paid no attention to it, and in punishment her son was assassinated on the third day.' ... Many people regard the whole matter as a fake, and an advance card of some advertising scheme, while others are inclined to the belief that it is an organized method to extort money from a devout, unsuspecting public."
Provided by Bill Ellis.  Entered by DWV, Sept. 11, 2014.


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