Luck Chain Letter.  Early Ancient Prayer type. "Bishop Lawrence" variation. US, 1906

I received the other day a chain prayer.

    Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, we implore Thee, O Eternal God, to have mercy upon mankind.  Keep us from all sin and take us to be with Thee eternally.  Amen

     This prayer was sent by Bishop Lawrence, recommending it to be rewritten and sent to nine other persons.  He who will not say it will be afflicted with some great misfortune.  One person who failed to pay attention to it met with a dreadful accident.  He who will rewrite it to nine other persons commencing on the day it is received - and sending only one each day will on or after the ninth day experience great joy.

     Please do not break the chain.

Handwritten letter on double folded 6.25" by 10.25" paper. Envelope postmarked in Leeds, Maine on  Jan. 6, 1906.  (I initially read the postmark as 1905, but later doubted the text was that early based on newspaper versions from 1906. Upon re-examining the envelope, and especially a receipt postmark on the back, I have corrected the year to 1906). Addressed to Miss Orrie Pearson, Kent's Hill, Maine. "Sampson Hall" on lower left of envelope. From a female friend (determined by other letters). Reformatted here. Obtained by VanArsdale from John Rogers, ebay lot 430970458.


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