Parody chain letter. Minister exchange. Substitution in wife exchange parody. "Just send this letter to six other churches ..."  US, 1977.
Dear Parishioner,
Just send this letter to six other churches that are tired of their ministers, priests or rabbis.
Then bundle up your clergyman and send him to the church at the top of your list.
A miracle will soon happen!
For in one week you should receive 16,436 pastors!
And one of them should certainly be a dandy! So have faith and start the chain letter at once.
Please don't break the chain for it will bring you bad luck.
One parishioner who broke the chain certainly regrets it.
For he got his old minister back again.

Published: The Odessa American (Odessa, Texas), Nov. 18, 1977, p. 8.
WORRY CLINIC.  Jokes can confuse.
  by George W. Crane, Ph D. M.D.
"Dr. Crane ... I recently came across an ingenious kind of 'chain letter' published by our Ministry Pension Fund, Inc. ... So maybe you might like to pass it along to the hundreds of newspapers that run your daily 'Worry Clinic' columns.  [text]   Entered by DWV, Sept. 14, 2014.


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