Parody chain letter. Commercial postcard. Wife Exchange. US, 1962.

DON'T BREAK THE CHAIN   [Spoken by buxom cartoon blond in bathing suit. She holds a card reading as follows:]

Dear Friend,
    This chain was started in the hope of bringing happiness to all men.  Unlike most chains, this one does not require any money.  Just send a copy of this card to 5 male friends, then pack up your wife and send her to the man who heads the list.
    When your name reaches the head of the list you will receive 5,814 women.  Some of them are bound to be dandies.  Have faith - don't break the chain.  One fellow broke the chain and got his wife back.
                                                                Your Buddy 

Commercial postcard:  "Laff Gram" by Baxtone, Box 175, Amarillo, Texas. Postmarked in Beaver Utah on April 14, 1962. Contains a travel note signed "Mom."  Paragraphs preserved. Supplied by William Brandel. Entered by D. VanArsdale on 6/27/03. Same postcard as je1956...


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