Parody chain letter (of Prosperity Club = Send-a-Dime). Chastisement Club. From the ACL hoard. US, 1935.

A. S. Kick,---------- 13 Assel Blvd., -------- Phartz, Mex.
I. Kickum,-----------      "    "                "      "
Will Kickum,---------      "    "                "      "
U. Kickum,-----------    Rectum Drive,--------   "      "
E. Normus Foote,-----      "      "              "      "


This chain was started for the purpose of bringing proper
punishment to those who started or have had anything to do
with carrying on the damn chain letter nuisance.

Within three days find five of those pests (and that should
not be hard to do) and give each of them a couple of good
swift kicks in the ass as a friendly warning.


Next, make five copies of this letter and hand them out to
five of your most healthy, robust and big-footed friends
whom you think would enjoy a little kicking exercise.

If this chain is not broken those who started the damn chain
letter nuisance, as well as those who have carried it on,
about 50,525,000 of them, will have sore asses (or will be
sore-ass to be about) within the next few days.

PS: This letter should NOT be handed to barefoot boys or
    one-leg persons.

Typed on standard size paper, thin weight. Keystrokes preserved. Found in old police files of the CSX railroad (formerly the ACL railroad). Donated by Jim Fisher of Charleston, SC to D. VanArsdale.

This was one of 13 items from a 1935 Atlantic Coast Line railroad file, the "ACL hoard." These are designated by "rr" after the date in the archive filename.


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