Parody chain letter. Liquid Assets Club.  "In Bacchus We Bust."  US, 1935.
In Bacchus We Bust: Liquid Assets Club.

This stream is started in the hope of bringing libations to you. Everyone with a trace of thirst knows that when you're depressed it's due to lack of stimulant.  If everyone had the intention that your friend had when he or she sent this letter it would go far toward quenching the Great America Thirst. Within three drinks, make five copies of this letter, leaving off the top name and address, add your own at the bottom of the list and have the copies delivered to five of your friends who are experiencing the drouth and whom you can trust not to break the chain In omitting the first name, deliver to that person one pint of good liquor as a charitable donation. In turn, as your name reaches the top and leaves the list you will receive 15,625 pints, or nearly 2,000 gallons, almost a year's supply. Now isn't this worth a pint to you?

Published: Santa Fe New Mexican, 6 May 1935, p. 1. "Village Gossip of Old Santa Fe"  "Chain Letters now suggest Liquid Assets"  "The dizziest development in the chain letter craze hit Santa Fe today as several prominent people, including pharmacists, received the following letters:"  Entered by DWV, Dec. 20, 2013.


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Another version (May 1, 1935) had the subtitle "Wine-Women-Song" replacing "Faith-Hope-Charity" of Send-a-Dime.