Parody of a charity chain letter.  Introductions to Massachusetts spinsters.  US, 1888.
In Behalf of 300,000 Old Maids.
(resident in Massachusetts.)
The recipient is asked to introduce one marriageable young man to Mrs. Blank, No. 998 Beacon Street, in person or by letter. Also he, or she, is requested to forward a copy of this circular to each of two friends, who are in turn begged to do likewise, and so on ad infinitum. The object in view is to find husbands for the surplus female population of the state, now suffering from lack of brutes in pantaloons to go around.

Published: The Times-Picayune (New Orleans, Louisiana), 4 Nov. 1888. p. 13. "A clever Boston young woman is distributing among her friends in society here an original and very amusing circular, burlesquing the progressive or 'chain' system of subscription to charity, which has been made such a nuisance of late by the philanthropically disposed. The document thus scattered reads as follows:" (above text follows).


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