Luck chain letter (email). Islamic "Letter from Heaven" plus Lottery24 type. International, 1999.

Subject: Fw: it's worth reading it!

Dear Muslim Brother and Sisters:

This is a letter from Saudi Arabia. It is addressed to all Muslims. It is the words of Sheik Ahmed, the watchman of the Prophet Mohammed's mosque. (PBUH). On Friday night after reciting the Holy Quran he slept and in his dream he saw the Holy Prophet (PBUH). The Prophet said to him, "Sheik Ahmed, this Friday about six thousand (6,000) people died, but none went to heaven; The women do not follow what their husbands tell them anymore. The believers who have money do not help the poor people. People do not perform their pilgrimage as was prescribed. The Muslims do not say their prayers regularly, let alone how it is supposed to be.

Sheik Ahmed, tell the Muslims that this should not be so. Be true Muslims, in every respect. And spread this message to all Muslims so that it can spread and get to other Muslims in the world. Anyone who produces this and spreads out to other Muslims will see the REWARD. The prophet (PBUH) will count such a person to Paradise. The Muslim who receives this letter and refuses to disperse it among other Muslims will not see benediction. (INSHALLAH)'. Those who are indebted must write. Allah in his infinite mercy will send help to pay his debt. I, Sheik Ahmed, if what I said is a lie, may the Prophet (PBUH) not send his divine benediction to me.

Dear Muslim men and women, you must follow the religion the way the prophet honored it like the divine revelation it is. Ask for forgiveness, observe fast every Monday.

Produce twenty (20) copies of this letter and spread it to all Muslims.  Any one who does this until all Muslims get a copy, will INSHALLAH see the opening of the Prophet's desires and success will follow. He will see the things he had never seen before. This is not a letter to be kept. It must be dispersed in large quantities. A man called Klavern, got this letter and gave it to is secretary to produce twenty (20) copies and disperse them. After some days he saw many doors of opportunities opening up for him. Another named Abdul-Salam got it and forgot it in drawer of his office and after a certain time he lost his job. He later remembered the letter and went and produced twenty (20) copies which were distributed and within five (5) days he got employed and is in a higher position that what he had before. Another man called Balemanthan received it and he thought it was something useless and treated it without respect or courtesy. He tore the letter and within nine (9) days he died.

I am appealing to anyone who comes across this letter to kindly circulate it in large volume.

ok. i don't know about that last part, about bad stuff happening to us if we don't send this, but because there's a good message at the beginning I'm passing this on. razan

ps, you guys have probably received a billion of these already, just today i got four!

Posted to the Islamic Coins mailing list, Oct. 24, 1999.  Often just one word per line, preceded by 10 or more forwarding symbols (">"). The first part (prior to "Produce twenty (20) copies . . .")  is characteristic of the "Letters from Heaven," hence the "h" category. The second part is clearly cognate to the Lottery24 type paper chain letter. Very likely both circulated in paper versions, and possibly combined as above,  prior to appearing as email. Provided by Alan VanArsdale, saved by DWV.


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